Looking to create a mermaid themed bedroom or playroom? We put together a little mood board of our favourite pieces we have found to create a trendy mermaid room. We have also made a second inspiration board featuring pinks and purples if you are after a more traditional mermaid room.


Yellow and Blue Mermaid Themed Bedroom Ideas | Mood board


Our starting point for this room is our mermaids wall sticker pack in yellow and blue. This pack features mermaids, corals and bubbles and they can be dotted around the wall to suit your space. You could also stick a mermaid on a wardrobe to tie it into the rest of the room! 

This pack is perfect to create a trendy mermaid room, featuring shades of yellows and blues. We went with yellow and blue as the main colour scheme to create a fresh feel. We have a matching blind and trug with the same mermaids so you can make a cohesive room theme. To simplify the bed, we went with a cute yellow gingham bead spread with a shell shaped cushion on top. A little dreamcatcher would work great above the head board. The hanging ribbons and shells makes this the perfect underwater addition.

We absolutely love the lampshade and shell string lights as they have an iridescent look to them, just like water reflecting in the sun.


We hope this mood board provides you with some inspiration for your own bedroom. If you’ve been inspired with your own room, we would love to see how you’ve decorated your room with this theme! Tag us on Instagram @stickerscape with your rooms to be featured on our stories and blogs.