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Application guide

To help you apply your wall stickers once they arrive we’ve put together this short video application guide to walk you through the process. Additional guidance is also set out below, and keep a look out for our hints & tips video series for even more guidance when applying your wall stickers.

We know it’s tempting to just get sticking, but please do read these important guidelines before application!

DO apply stickers to smooth internal doors, windows, mirrors or regular painted walls.

DO allow a three week drying period before applying stickers to freshly painted walls.

DO NOT apply stickers near direct heat sources e.g. radiators.

Please note that our stickers are decorative items and not toys. Wall stickers should be used in positions that are out of the reach of children under 3 years of age due to possible choking hazard. Please allow a three-week drying period before applying stickers to freshly painted walls and avoid applying stickers near direct heat sources e.g. radiators.

Specific application guides

The above guidance is perfect for most of our wall stickers. For some of our wall stickers however, there are some additional hints & tips that can be helpful to consider when applying your wall graphics. Please see the additional guidance below if they are relevant to your wall stickers.

Applying large wall stickers

In this video we provide a specific application guide for applying large wall stickers. Apply large wall stickers is very similar to applying regular wall graphics, however in this how to video we show you the ‘Centre Hinge’ method for applying wall stickers. This can be used on any size of wall sticker however is particularly useful when applying large wall stickers as it allows you to keep the whole graphic in one place, and apply it in two sections.

Still need more assistance? No problem! Simply drop our customer service team an e-mail via the contact us page and we’ll be happy to help.

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