Since we’ve just launched our new range of farm themed wall stickers, I thought it would be fun to do some virtual shopping for a farm themed baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom. My hubby will be delighted that (for once!) my credit card has not been involved in this process (well, that’s the story anyway…) 🙂

Our new range of wall stickers feature all the classic farmyard animals, but have a definite orchard vibe as well. I love the idea of creating a room which can conjure up feelings of long, hot summer days, playing outside, climbing trees and having proper Enid Blyton type adventures with friends. Idealistic I know, but surely that’s what being a kid’s all about?!

Until next time, Jo xx

Shopping list of pictured items (from left to right):

– Green storage unit,, £113;

– Dog trial cushion,, £36;

– Skojig pendant lamp, Ikea, £14;

– Pig doorstop, House of Fraser, £18;

– Changing mat, Mamas & Papas, £14 (on offer);

– Green crochet apple, Etsy, £5.50;

Kite & butterflies wall stickers,, from £5;

– Farm toy box,, £138.89;

– Orchard branch wall sticker,, from £10;

Orchard tree wall sticker,, from £20;

– Farmyard sleeping bag, John Lewis, from £24;

– Rocking Horse, Baby Weavers at, £25.99 (on offer);

– Bluebell stable with pony toy,, £39.99;

– Green storage box, Wilkinson, £2.75;

– Torva Blad cot bedding, Ikea, £10;

– Mammut green stool, Ikea, £5;

– Jellycat bashful lamb (medium), Temptation Gifts, £14.95;

Selection of farm themed wall stickers,