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IMG 4144We all love a good get together and what better excuse to do so than to celebrate the pregnancy of a loved one- in the form of a baby shower! My sister in law, Amy, is pregnant with her third baby (hard to believe from how great she looks I know), so one of her lovely friends, Emma, threw her a surprise baby shower! A baby shower is a relatively new concept to the UK but has been very popular in the states for a number of years now, so when we found out what it was all about, we of course adopted the idea :).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, a baby shower generally consists of playing light hearted baby themed games, the giving of gifts and of course having the obligatory cake and tea (or wine of course!). Typically it is only female family and friends that attend a baby shower as generally men run for the hills when they find out what it's all about, so that also gives women the opportunity to let your hair down, have a laugh and a good natter! A great aspect of a baby shower is that it can be enjoyed by women of all ages, as was shown at Amy's as we had women ranging from 22- 80, who all had an equally great time.

Amy was taken out on the morning of her baby shower, giving Emma time to decorate Amy's house and for us to all arrive, ready to surprise her upon her return. Thank goodness she didn't go into labour from the shock when she did arrive home! After Amy had recovered the games could then begin! One of the funniest games was to guess the size of Amy's bump with a piece of string, and as you can see from the photos, some people got it spot on (no surprise it was her Mum :)) and some got it oh so very wrong! Of course everyone found it hilarious that it was more than double her size... but luckily Amy wasn't offended (we hope!).

IMG 4146

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Posted by on in General

I am starting to become quite the interior designer with the selection of room design ideas I have put together :). From princesses to space ships, I have created themed room suggestions to suit the girliest of girls and the boyish of boys. On this occasion however I have created a more gender neutral design with a woodland themed room!

Our new woodland friends wall sticker range has given me the inspiration to do a bit of virtual shopping (any excuse some may say!) to demonstrate how you can create a wonderful woodland themed bedroom or playroom. I have chosen various pieces of woodland style furniture and soft furnishings to accompany our woodland wall stickers to create the look, and once the look is complete, the woodland adventures can begin!

woodland-friends-mood-board-842 565

The statement piece in our woodland friends wall sticker range is our woodland tree wall sticker, as at nearly 2 metres high it can completely transform a plain wall into a fun and playful scene, where imaginations can run wild. Depending on the wall space available, you could also create a woodland scene around the tree with our cute badger and mole wall sticker set or even our deer wall sticker set complete with toadstools and tufts of grass! The tree wall sticker is great if you did have limited lower level wall space as the tree could be placed behind a chest of drawers, or cot and then flourish higher up the wall above the furniture, where you may not have known what to with the space. The wall stickers are truly flexible and can work around the space you have available.

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Our space wall stickers are unsurprisingly very popular with little boys and I have therefore spent some time doing a bit of virtual shopping to demonstrate how our children's wall stickers can be the perfect starting point in creating an amazing space themed bedroom! The room design I have created includes a variety of our space wall stickers, along with bedroom furniture, soft furnishings, toys and more. All of which are space themed of course :). Once this look is complete your child will be ready to be transported out of this world, to play games in a galaxy far, far away!

Space themed mood board

You will have a true astronaut in training once the rocket wall sticker has been put in position as it creates a perfect scene for adventures to begin and for aliens to come to life! The wall sticker itself comes in a variety of colours and can also be positioned in any direction. One of the best features of the large rocket wall sticker is that it includes three glow in the dark stars! This offers that extra wow factor and will certainly make your little one happy for 'lights out' as they will be able to do some stargazing before they drift off to sleep. The stars have also been specially designed to glow for a short amount of time so they will not disrupt any sleep.

We try to ensure that our stickers are designed with flexibility in mind, as the stickers within our space wall sticker packs can be applied individually, allowing you to create a scene perfect for the space available. Our cheeky alien family and spaceship and satellite wall sticker packs coordinate perfectly together and you could therefore mix and match these designs for the full impact! For example, the child and adult alien wall stickers and the moon wall sticker boarder look super cute together!

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Posted by on in General

Our personalised wall sticker range is probably one of our most popular, as they give that special touch to the sticker and are individual to each child. They really finish a room off perfectly, whilst making your little one feel extra special and important as their name is written on the wall! We have many different sticker designs, perfect for both boys and girls over a variety of ages and can be placed in a nursery, playroom or bedroom.

000110.mainA firm favourite for little boys is our personalised space academy wall sticker! Once this wall sticker has been put in position, the space ship will be set to go and the space exploring adventures can then begin :). They will become official astronauts in training, and their games and imaginations will soar out of this world! The space academy wall sticker can be personalised with a name up to 12 characters and will give that finishing touch to the fun design. To add that extra wow factor, glow in the dark stars can even be added to the larger wall sticker! They are designed to dim after around 15 minutes of darkness so they are not distracting for sleep. Charged by light, the will recharge during the day, ready for the next evening!

000016MBQuotes and writing are becoming increasingly popular to decorate your home and we think our personalised adventure wall sticker text would be the perfect addition to your little one's bedroom or playroom! Appealing to both boys and girls, this sticker is sure to offer inspiration for many bedtime stories, with your child being the star of course! The stickers come in 12 different shades, ranging from fuchsia pink to woodland green and coordinate perfectly with our classic wall sticker ranges, including our woodland range.

000613Finally, perhaps one of the sweetest and daintiest personalised wall stickers is the elephant and balloon wall sticker. I smile every time I look at it and it makes my heart melt! There is just something so cute about an elephant holding a personalised balloon with its trunk! The pastel shades and subtle pattern would look gorgeous in a baby's nursery, or even a child's bedroom. Simply having your child's initial printed on the balloon leaves a very delicate design, sure to bring many 'awws' to anyone who sees it. The design comes in two sizes, and the elephant, flowers and ladybird stickers are provided separately, giving you flexibility to position the scene which fits the space available.

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As you may know by now, we love being creative and getting stuck into arts and crafts, whatever it may be! Homemade items bring that touch of individuality and warmth to your home, personalised to suit you and your family, however wonky or badly made they may be (don't worry, we won't judge!). We therefore wanted to share a gorgeous DIY hot air balloon lampshade design with you, it is both easy to make and looks great when put in place, glowing beautifully up in the air.

The hot air balloon lampshade would look perfect when accompanied with our hot air balloon wall stickers, as it really helps to create a stylish theme. As the lampshade is homemade, you can be flexible in the design and colours, making it one of a kind!

All you need is:DIY lampshade pic

- A table lamp (IKEA)
- Coloured string x4 (approx 8cm each)
- Small tin can
- Washi tape
- Mini bunting
- Small soft toy
- Decoupage sheets, or patterned tissue paper (optional)
- Mod Podge glue (optional)

Start with this plain lamp from IKEA, its normal price is £8.50, but right now it is a bargain at just £6.50! It is originally meant as a table lamp but if you turn it upside down, voilà, you have the perfect hot air balloon shaped lamp in seconds!

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