With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve put together 3 super quick ideas to get ready for the big day! These are aimed at creating quick decorating ideas for the house to creating easy-to-make Valentine’s themed arts and crafts ideas (that even the little ones can help out with!).

1. Hand made Valentine’s Card

Everyone loves receiving a card for Valentine’s Day. However, you can make it extra special by making it yourself (and get the kids to help too!). You don’t have to be a brilliant artist at all, in fact, keeping it nice and simple can look just as effective as something more detailed. Here are a couple of straightforward designs we came across to provide you with a bit of inspiration. All you need for these is a heart-shaped stamp, which you can purchase quite cheaply or even create one yourself out of a sponge. Simply sketch out some block letters to spell ‘LOVE’ (or it could be a name) and then stamp over the hearts. If you don’t have a stamp then you can equally draw these in pencil, colour them, and then rub out the guidelines.

For the second idea, you can loosely paint heart shapes overlapping all around the page. Again, you do not be a great painter as you can create loose heart shapes – just go with the flow! Just make sure you use some good quality card so the card feels nice to hold once you’re finished (and the paint doesn’t bleed through or warp the paper once it’s dried).

Once you’re done just write your romantic message on the inside for your loved one and you’re done!

happy valentines card with hearts and love
happy valentines card using stampes
2. Decorate your home with heart window stickers

Another great way to get into the spirit of Valentine’s is to decorate your home with some heart window stickers. These are a really simple, quick and budget-friendly decorating option and what’s great is the children can help too! All our heart window stickers are quick and easy to apply, simply peel and stick. They’re also cleanly removable, repositionable and reusable! Just keep the backing sheet and you can reuse the window stickers year after year.

They also work equally well on any glass surface, not just windows or even lightly coloured walls. The window stickers are made from a transparent material meaning that you can apply the window stickers to the inside but will be seen on both sides. We offer a range of different heart window stickers but here’s some that we think are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Pink and red heart window stickers with girl smelling flowers perfect for decorating for Valentines Day
Watercolour rainbow heart window stickers perfect for decorating a child's window and brightening up your home
Rainbow heart window stickers quick and easy to apply to decorate your childs room.
3. Valentine’s Day arts and crafts

Last but not least, you can mark Valentine’s Day but indulging in some arts and crafts! Another great activity to do with kids, but one of the most simple ideas we’ve seen is creating heart paper chains! These are super cute and quick to create, and there are lots of different styles to choose from.

All you’ll need are a pair of scissors, some thin coloured cards (red, white and pink if you want some classic Valentine’s colours!) and some string. There are a few different styles of paper chains that you can create, and what will help is to create or use a heart template that you can draw around to be able to cut identical-shaped hearts. To make this even more efficient you can stack paper together and cut out multiple hearts at once.

We’ve seen a few different styles of how to attach the hearts to the string once they are all cutout. You can use a little hole punch to create a hole in each heart and then thread the hearts through the string, spacing them out equally. Alternatively, if you have some little pegs this is a really cute way to attach all the hearts along your string line. Last but not least, you can also simply glue the hearts to the string. We’ve found this works best if you glue two hearts on either side of the string, as it allows you to glue the whole heart together making it much more secure.

This simple design can also be created in different materials – why not try using different colour felt to add some texture to your design? We’ve given you some inspiration with a few different designs below!

Red hearts with string and pegs on a white background
hearts from felt with string arts and crafts on a white background
heart with holes on a string on a orange background arts and crafts

Now, after all of that, you should be ready for Valentine’s Day! We would love you to see any creations you make – remember to share any images with us via socials using @Stickerscape – we love to see them!