Easter is just around the corner! Hopefully, this will give everyone the chance to have a well-earned break. The holidays are the perfect time to take time with friends and family, spend quality time playing games, going for outings or just sitting back and having a drink! But the Easter break can still be a challenge, trying to keep the little ones entertained to give you that rest! We have therefore gathered together a few ideas of things you can do as a family, but will also keep the kids busy.

Easter egg hunt

Who doesn’t love a good Easter egg hunt?! I remember as kids it was like Christmas the night before, the anticipation of which eggs you were going to find. Whether it was in a field on a camping trip or in our back garden, we were always excited. The hunt doesn’t even just have to be all about sweet treats. Maybe shake it up and include some other gifts like bouncy balls, pens and colour in packs. Or even make it more challenging by giving clues as to where the next item is, when that item is found, the next clue is unlocked. Or if you are going down the traditional route, add a coloured piece of string around the loot so that everyone knows what colour they are trying to find.

If you are looking for some Easter bags to carry their findings, we have a fantastic range of personalised Easter bags. There are a range of designs to choose from, from bunnies, chicks and flowers to even dinosaurs, and lots of different bag colours to choose from also.

Woodland walks

The Easter holidays can feel never-ending, so why not break up the time spent sitting indoors and go out on an adventure walk. Find a local woodland area that you have never been to and explore it. Take a picnic too so you can make it a longer day out. The kids will love this as they can be free to explore and let out their wild sides!

If you have younger children or kids that love to dress up, why not make a roleplay out of this and pretend you are explorers who have discovered a lost world, or even you have been deserted on your own island to fend for yourselves. Have fun with this and make a proper day of it. Best of all, this can be a super cheap day out for anyone on a budget.

Easter crafts – Make an Easter tree and decorations

Having an ‘Easter Tree’ up can really brighten a room, whether it is a hallway that you walk through every morning, or in the lounge where you can see it as you spend time together. There are a few ways to create an Easter tree and these will give you different looks. You could buy a twig tree from craft shops, these come in different colours and can be used throughout the year, perfect for redecorating at Halloween and Christmas. Alternatively, you could find a couple of branches which you could use as they are, or even spray paint to coordinate with your decorations.

Once you have your tree, it is time for the fun part, the decorations! You can buy some hanging eggs and birds from craft shops, or why not get creative and make them yourselves? You can blow eggs so that the shells can be painted with any pattern you would like. We found this helpful article from BBC Goodfood that explain how you can blow an egg and prepare it for painting.

Some ideas for decorating eggs shells would be painting with patterns, decoupaging with coloured tissue paper, marbling, or sticking buttons and ribbons. Other decorations you could include are painted wood slices. This will give your tree a more rustic feel, but again this will give you the chance to add any design you would like. From little chicks to fluffy bunnies, or even just simple patterns.

Pom-pom animals are another great way to deck out your tree. You can buy pom-pom makers at craft stores, or go old school using the cardboard technique. Whichever way you choose to make the pom-pom, you can decorate this to make it look like different animals. Some cute pom-pom animals could be chicks or rabbits. Simply use some yellow wool for chicks and brown or grey for rabbits. You could even push the boat out with a pink or purple rabbit!

Colour in window stickers

Need an easy Easter craft for your little ones to enjoy? We launched our first pack of colour in window stickers last Easter and they proved to be a hit. Each pack comes with 2 sheets of Easter-themed stickers, including eggs, bunnies and little chicks. We suggest using Sharpie markers to colour in the stickers as these provide the best colour and of course, they are permanent so they are unlikely to smudge. Just keep a close eye if you have very young children with their permanent markers – we found putting some protective sheets is a good idea!

Our own kids coloured in the window stickers and they really enjoyed it. The best part is they can be displayed on any window, once coloured in, then put away to be displayed again the next year. Just make sure you keep the backing sheet so you can remove the window stickers and store them.

Easter baking

Who doesn’t love Easter bakes? A favourite for us is our super easy Easter fudge. If the picture alone hasn’t already made you start drooling, read below for the recipe!

500g dark chocolate
75g unsalted butter
400g can condensed milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
mini eggs / creme eggs / any other chocolate for the top!


  • Line or grease a 20cm square cake tin
  • Break the chocolate into small pieces and put in a large pan with the butter and condensed milk. Heat gently to melt until the mixture is smooth. Do not allow it to boil
  • Remove from the heat, beat in the vanilla and then beat the mixture for a few minutes until slightly thickened
  • Pour into the tin, level the top and decorate with the Easter goodies
  • Chill in the fridge until firm, then cut into small squares to serve 😋

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