Designing and planning a nursery or toddler room is such an exciting time. With a blank slate, you can also have a lot of creativity with it. If you’ve decided on a jungle theme, you’ll know that there are so many ideas out there on how to decorate a nursery with a jungle theme and it can quickly become a bit overwhelming! From wall decor to bedding there is such an array of items to choose from. To make it simpler, we advise starting with one pivotal item (that you absolutely adore) and basing your room around this item. You can then accessorise the room from here.

We have done exactly that with our mood board. Our focal point was our watercolour jungle scene wall sticker. We have found lots of items that all fit well together and are based around this jungle wall sticker. Why not use this mood board to inspire your jungle theme – to help we’ve also listed all the items below so you can quickly create your jungle themed room.

We have searched for items to go with our wall stickers including bedding, wall hangings, rugs, clocks and more. Most of the items we found can be purchased on Etsy from small independent businesses (which we are super passionate about!).

Jungle colours can be bright and fun, but to balance this out we also recommend including some neutrals or muted tones too. These are perfect tones for a nursery as well when you want a space to exude calm. Throughout this mood board, we have picked out the orange from the giraffe and featured this as the main accent colour. Accessories such as the bedding, bunting and a clock all continue this orange through the theme. This includes both bright and muted tones. To accompany the orange, we have of course included greens and yellows through the macrame mobile, rainbow and some small plants – classic jungle theme colours.

Lastly, to add some fun to the room, we searched out some animal-themed items too. Featured, is a giraffe bean bag, string lights and coat hooks.

Products from our mood board

  1. A lion clockHabitat
  2. Wooden train toyThe Honey Pot Laser
  3. Macrame mobileDottyewe
  4. Safari coat hooksTinkie Toys
  5. Safari truck toyThe Honey Pot Laser
  6. Elephant plant potsElemental Design Store
  7. Cheetah storage trugStickerscape
  8. Watercolour jungle wall stickerStickerscape
  9. Lion head rugKukoon rugs
  10. Lion pattern beddingHabitat
  11. Animal fairy lightsLights 4 fun
  12. Giraffe beanbagEurobeanbags
  13. Jungle light shadeArgos
  14. Orange and green bunting – Queen of bunting
  15. Macrame rainbowLittle knots workshop
  16. Raindrop wall stickersStickerscape

We hope you find this jungle-themed mood board helpful in decorating your nursery or toddler’s bedroom. We would absolutely love to see any designs you’ve created using this mood board. Please feel free to tag us using @Stickerscape on all the socials. If you have any questions with anything in this article please feel free to drop us a comment below or get in touch via our contact us page.