If you’ve decided on a jungle theme for your child’s bedroom but also want it to blend with other contemporary parts of your home then you might be thinking about a more modern interpretation for your jungle makeover. We, therefore, wanted to share with you some ideas to create a contemporary jungle theme for a child’s bedroom.

For this room idea, we decided to base it around two of our new jungle wall stickers. The giraffe wall sticker and our pencil trio jungle wall stickers. Both wall sticker packs will work well with the included items but will give the room a more modern feel. The giraffe has warm brown tones, whereas the pencil style is cooler with the grey look.

Throughout this mood board, we have kept to dark wood tones, greens, creams and rich gold accents. The hexagonal dark wood shelving featured is great for small plants or decor items and ties in well with the small wooden vases designed for dried flowers and the light with a wooden base. This light has to be a favourite in this room, it’s so simple but will bring warmth into the room. Gold accents will look amazing with the dark brown wood. You could bring this into the room through plant pots, jewellery holders and through the metallic of the mirror.

Mirrors are always a must, but if positioned in particular ways they can make the room feel bigger and brighter. We love these circle brass mirrors, they also show the idea of making the room brighter by positioning near a window so the light reflects further into the room. 

If you are planning a jungle-themed room, a must is green. We have brought green in through bedding and plants. Featured is a copper bar that has been upcycled into a plant hanger. We love this idea and think this would look great above a chest of drawers or as a statement on the wall. If using the giraffe wall sticker, the plants would look great hanging near it so the green can complement the brown tone.

With everything that is going on in the room with the greens and browns, you want to balance this out with lighter creams and greys. Items that can bring in these simpler colours are rugs, blinds and lampshades.

Products from our mood board

  1. Wooden mini vase FoxGB
  2. Grey throwERDirect
  3. Grey spot roller blindStickerscape
  4. Hexaganol wooden shelvesNoahsArkCreationsCo
  5. Brown glass vaseSophie MacBain
  6. 3 circle mirriors Argos
  7. Contemporary giraffe wall stickerStickerscape
  8. Pencil drawing wall stickersStickerscape
  9. Copper plant hangerThe Wood Store Studio
  10. Light shadesBaker Street Interiors
  11. Storage trugStickerscape
  12. Gold plant potHolm by Michelle
  13. Leaf pattern beddingNext
  14. Cream and grey rugLand of rugs
  15. Bedside table lightNext

That’s it – our contemporary interpretation of a jungle-themed room. If you have a botanical feel to the rest of your home then we think some of these elements will work really well extending into a jungle themed bedroom. As always, we love seeing what people create so please feel free to tag us using @Stickerscape on our socials. And if you have any questions with any of the items featured in this post then feel free to comment below or contact us.