October has finally arrived! With Halloween and half-term just a few weeks away you might be just starting to think about decorating for Halloween. With the children off school, it’s also a time to keep the kids busy with lots of activities. Our brand new Halloween and Autumnal colour-in window stickers are perfect for decorating your home and keeping the children entertained! You can find all our new colour-in packs within our Halloween window stickers collection.

About our colour-in window sticker packs

Our children absolutely love colouring in – it is one of their favourite activities. However, they find it a special treat when we let them use the coloured Sharpies (with the necessary table protection!). Our colour-in window stickers come with just black outlines and are designed to be coloured in at home with permanent markers. The window stickers themselves are made from exactly the same material as all our other window stickers. This means they are quick and easy to apply – simply peel and stick. It also means they are cleanly removable, repositionable and reusable (just keep the backing sheet).

This makes them a great project to do with children. They can all help colour in their packs with whatever colours they like. Because they are so easy to apply, they can then place them on the window all by themselves and arrange how they wish. A great way to get them involved in decorating for Halloween.

More about our new Halloween colour-in window stickers

Just in time for Halloween, we have launched three new Halloween themed colour-in window sticker packs.

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Our Haunted House colour-in window sticker pack features a set of 3 spooky haunted houses all ready to be coloured in. The pack also features lots of accessories including a moon, bats, pumpkins and ghosts. We also have our Spooky Witch colour-in window stickers which include a range of witch-themed objects including cauldrons, spiders, bats and witch’s hat. Lastly, our Day of the dead colour-in window sticker pack features a skull, candles and floral elements to create a Mexican style Halloween theme.

We needed some willing volunteers to test the new packs and luckily the kids jumped up at the chance. Here’s a few of them completing their packs.

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We’ve found the best pens for colouring in your colour in window stickers are Sharpie permanent markers. They produce a really strong vibrant colour and are not streaky so look great once all complete. Just be careful with little ones using them as they are obviously permanent, so would recommend placing something under your pack to protect your surfaces.

Autumnal colour-in window stickers

To help you decorate your home we’ve also created a brand new collection of Autumn window stickers. These are not Halloween specific and are therefore great a getting you in the Autumn mood in the run up to Christmas. Within this collection we’ve also included two sets of autumnal colour in window stickers.

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One pack features a collection of autumnal animals including foxes, bears, hedgehogs and pumpkins. The other pack features a collection of leaves and acorns and are great if you use browns and oranges to complete the set.

We’ve really enjoyed creating the new colour-in sets for this year. We hope you and your children enjoy a lovely craft activity together this Halloween and that they get you in the mood for October 🙂