With the new school term just around the corner, we’re excited to tell you all about our new and improved school name labels for this year. After listening to customer feedback, we have new and improved iron on labels perfect for labelling your school uniforms, clothing and sports kit. We have also added some extra designs and now boast over 50 designs. From dinosaurs to unicorns, football to mermaids, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect name label for school.

Improved school name labels for clothing

iron on name labels for school perfect for labelling uniforms and clothing

Our team at Stickerscape are always listening to customer feedback. We obviously love reading all your comments when we’ve got it just right. However, we also relish hearing when something isn’t quite right and will start work to find a solution. Our original iron on school name labels were great at adhering to a wide range of textiles and staying on during the wash. However, customers often found that they were difficult to remove from the backing sheet and would sometimes curl up when applying them to garments. This made them a little fiddly to apply.

Our product development team have therefore been working hard to find a material that ticked all the boxes in being easy to apply, whilst also still being able to survive wash after wash. A few months ago we found it, and have slowly transitioned our name labels over to using the new material, allowing plenty of time for testing prior to the new term. The feedback so far has been great and we would love to hear what you think about the new material. The new iron on labels are slightly thicker than the old material, which makes it a lot easier to handle. It also has a far superior backing sheet which makes it significantly easier to peel off and apply your school name label to clothing or uniforms. An added benefit because of the way the material is made is that it also stays flat, meaning you can simply peel the label and lay it where you need it. You can then prepare your iron ready for heat pressing onto the garment.

We’re super happy with the improvements we’ve made to our iron on labels and would love to hear your feedback!

Brand new name tag designs

As you’ll know by now, we are really passionate about good design here at Stickerscape. When designing new name label packs we try to think about what children are into and try to design for a range of ages and interests. In particular, we also try to incorporate a lot more texture into the designs so our school name labels are not just flat, boring colours but have depth, contrast and interest to them.

This year we’ve expanded our collection of school name tags to include mermaids, night sky, unicorns & rainbows, camouflage, gaming and safari. We’re super proud of these new packs and we hope you love them too 🙂 Here’s a sneak peak at the new designs in action!

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School themed name label packs

In contrast, we’ve also introduced a simple collection of name labels designed to match your school colours. Including black & white, navy, green, burgundy and grey, these packs are perfect if you want/need to match in with your school colours. They’re also great for labelling school themed bags etc. to match the existing colours. These Essentials school name labels are also super clear with high contrast so are really easy to read for children to spot their belongings.

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Lastly, we hope you’ve all had wonderful summer holidays with your little ones, time to relax, unwind and bond. And if you’re getting prepared for the new school year, nursery or if your little one is starting school – good luck with all your back to school preparations!