Wall stickers are a brilliant way to update a room incredibly quickly and easily. If you have a young dinosaur fan in your house, why not give them a brilliant surprise with a dinosaur themed bedroom makeover?

From the fierce T-Rex to triceratops and brontosaurus – we’ve put together some dinosaur decor suggestions using our bestselling dinosaur wall stickers, together with some extra dinosaur ideas to make their room totally ROAR-some!

Make it age appropriate

Dinosaur wall stickers can work equally well for a nursery, a toddler’s bedroom or an older child – you just need to select the right dino design to set the tone!

For a nursery…

Try our cute Dino Cars wall sticker pack, or our Dinosaur stickaround wall sticker pack (available in colour or monochrome, shown below) for a more contemporary, ‘feature wall’ effect.

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For a toddler’s room…

If you are redecorating your child’s nursery into their first ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ room, a dinosaur theme is a fantastic way to make their space really fun and engaging!

A height chart is a great way to record their growth and this dinosaur wall sticker height chart is right on theme.

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At this age, you may want to think about creating a room that your child can not only enjoy as a toddler, but also grow into (so you don’t have to update it for a few years!). Our collection of geometric dinosaur wall stickers is perfect for this – for example, this Geometric dinosaur wall sticker pack would be great for a toddler, but cool enough to see them through the primary school years.

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For an older child…

Perhaps you have a Jurassic Park fan in your house? If you’re planning a dinosaur room for an older child, how about one of these options, all very much come complete with the cool factor!

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Shown above: Rawwr dinosaur wall sticker (from £10), The Dinosaur Eye wall sticker (£20) and Fierce T-Rex wall sticker (from £10).

Make it educational

Surely we’re not the only ones who still have to think pretty hard when spelling out ‘pterodactyl’ or ‘tyrannosaurus’?! Well with this geometric named dinosaur wall sticker set up in their bedroom, your child will soon be teaching you!

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Or why not get in some times table help that they will actually approve of with this Dinosaur times table wall sticker, which comes personalised with your child’s name.

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Themed rooms are always so much fun when you put a bit of thought into accessorising. We just loved the room this mum created for her dinosaur-mad son. Want to recreate the look? A fun weekend project to really add impact would be painting an old chest of drawers in coordinating tones as she has done, and swapping the handles for toy dinosaurs.

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Source: thesun.co.uk

Add some simple shelving to show off their dinosaur collection for fun theming and toy storage – win, win!

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And we love SimplyBeautifulByAngela’s room makeover, where mum has used a simple leaf bed canopy (Ikea sell one for just £8) to really help create that jungle / dinosaur vibe. You could recreate the dinosaur footprint border round the top of the room really easily with our Dinosaur footprint wall stickers, and we think it’s such a fab idea to add a couple of the footprint stickers to the top of a little step stool too!

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Finally, try making some dinosaur hand and footprint art with your child to frame for the room. Not only will it be a fun craft activity and look brilliant in their themed bedroom, it will be super cute to look back on those little handprints in years to come!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed these dinosaur themed bedroom makeover ideas. If you’ve not used wall stickers before, for more information on how quick and easy it is to apply them, check out our video application guides by clicking here.