Happy new year! We’ve kicked off 2020 the way we hope to continue…with lots of new designs. We’re happy to introduce some brand new wall sticker designs as part of our woodland wall stickers collection. You can find this collection here however we thought it would be helpful to provide some background to the new designs and pick out some of our favourites.

Some of our woodland wall stickers are some of our most popular designs. However, the original collection was limited to just two styles and we wanted to expand this range to encompass and much broader definition of ‘woodland’ to appeal to many different styles of room. This included creating designs in a Scandi forest style and other using minimalist ideas (as opposed to the classic large tree wall sticker acting as your focal point).
We are really happy with how the collection has turned out and have been very excited to share them with you on our social media. Here is a selection of our favourite designs for you to browse through.

New woodland wall stickers collection


As you can see from these product images, we’ve tried to capture lots of different styles, from contemporary and modern to classic watercolour designs. This has naturally meant the colour palette we’ve used is much bolder in places, with bold black and yellow accents and vivid oranges providing all the colours of woodland.

We truly hope you love these new woodland wall sticker designs as much as we’ve had in creating them. If you have any feedback on the designs we’d love to hear from you. The above images are just a snippet of the new collection, which you can see in full over on our woodland wall stickers page.