Ever waHere at Stickerscape we offer wall stickers big and small to suit any room or space you may have. However, we are really passionate about transforming children’s rooms to let their imaginations run wild! For this, we think the bigger the wall sticker is the better and we offer some very large wall stickers which are perfect for transforming a room. You may therefore wonder how to apply large wall stickers?

With all of our wall stickers, we offer our standard application guide to help you apply your wall sticker quickly and easily. However, for very large wall stickers there is an alternative technique that can make applying them that little bit easier.

This technique is called the Centre Hinge method. It allows you to place the wall sticker exactly where you want it and then apply the graphic in two halves, whilst never removing it from the wall. To help you use this technique we’ve prepared a quick ‘how to’ video guide how the technique works and when best to use it. Click the play button below to take a look!

You can also check out our standard application guide here.