With your new arrival either on their way or recently welcomed into the family, decorating the nursery is an exciting step. However, with the array of different ideas now available, it can also be a bit overwhelming deciding where to start!

Fortunately, we’ve seen rather a lot of nurseries here at Stickerscape, so in this blog series, we wanted to share with you 3 ‘tried and tested’ approaches you can use when thinking about the design for your new nursery.

  1. Select a theme
  2. Choose a colour palette
  3. Decide on a style or mood

In this 3 part series of articles, we’ll look at each of these approaches in a bit more detail. In part one, we’ll look at selecting a theme.

Select a theme

For those looking to create a really fun backdrop to your child’s imaginative play, you can’t go wrong with theming a nursery!  A nursery or child’s room is the one place in the house we can all feel comfortable being a little more adventurous on the decor, and it’ll all be worth it when you see their little faces taking it all in and enjoying your creations. Plus a themed nursery is just brilliant for story time – and those tales you make up about the spaceman, fairy or monkey on their wall will be the stuff that memories are made from.

Picking a nursery theme upfront can also help you get to grips with a colour scheme. For instance, certain themes will instantly make you think of particular colour palettes… if you choose a jungle theme, you may naturally find yourself working with a palette of greens, yellows and browns to match the theme, or alternatively a fairy themed room might go well with all the pretty pastels and pink tones.

Picking a theme for your nursery can be really fun and will definitely add character to your space. In selecting your theme you may want to draw on something nostalgic that you enjoyed as a child e.g. stories about space or a family holiday to a farm. Alternatively, you can choose from popular themes such as a woodland or fairy theme – where all round the internet and high street, you’ll find plenty of accessories and textiles to choose from to help complete your nursery.

To help you get started with your selected nursery theme, we look at a few ideas below on how to make the best of your theme.

Creating a focal point

Wall stickers can literally create a themed room in minutes (you’ll be done by the end of their nap!). They can also be incredibly versatile, and here at Stickerscape we cater to those who just want a subtle accessory on their walls, or those who are looking to tie their theme together with one big focal point. A great example of this is our Woodland Friends wall sticker collection. A woodland themed range with a large tree as it’s focal point, perfect for transforming a nursery in a matter of minutes.

[envira-gallery id=”12061″]

Use accessories

It might be you don’t want your theme to completely dominate your nursery, and in this situation, lots of people prefer to use themed accessories to great effect. With popular themes like fairies and butterflies, there are always lots of lovely things to pick from – so shop around and pick your favourite accessories (think bedding, bunting, bookends, cushions, rugs, lamps and of course wall stickers!). Below are a few examples of using this technique in fairy and butterfly themed rooms.

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Credit: Pinterest

Consider how long you want the theme to last

We know it certainly doesn’t feel like it some days (and certainly not during most of the nights!) but your teensy little bundle will eventually move past the baby stage (why can’t they stay small and cute forever?!). Decorating a nursery, like any other room, takes time and money – and therefore a bit of forward planning can really help you create something that will stand the test of time.

For instance, depending whether this is your first child, you may want to think whether the theme has to be gender neutral or not. Maybe you don’t know the sex of your baby yet, or you might be looking to create a room that can be shared between siblings. My wife and I always knew we’d like more than one child and therefore we planned the scheme of our nursery to be gender neutral….so when number two arrives, we’ll be able to use the same decor, no matter the sex!

Alternatively, you might be expecting your baby to stay in the same room as they develop from a baby into a toddler. You may therefore, want to theme your room in a way which allows your little one to grow into the room. Visually stimulating nursery accessories are perfect for this – they’ll look nice when they’re young and then become practical (and even educational) as they grow. A great example of this are themed alphabet wall stickers e.g. see our animal alphabet wall sticker below. You may also want to keep your ‘baby’ nursery quite neutral such that when they start developing their favourite characters you’re able to easily integrate some character accessories into their room. Soft toys and wall stickers are perfect for this, as well as bedding. These are all super easy to change and update once they develop their new favourite (which won’t be long!).

We collated a few of our favourite visually stimulating and character nursery accessories below.

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Credit: Potter Barn Kids, Golden Bear Toys, B&Q, John Lewis

We hope these hints and tips have helped in thinking about decorating your nursery. If you are thinking about using wall stickers in your nursery theme then we’ve put all our nursery designs in one place to make it nice and simple to browse the collection. Pop over to our baby nursery wall stickers collection to take a look!

If you’re still struggling to decide on a theme to define your little one’s nursery, then there are other approaches. In our next blog we’ll look at how you can decorate around a favourite colour…