Halloween is nearly upon us! For most of us it is half-term and so the time we need to think up lots of fun activities to keep the kids entertained. To help keep them busy, we’ve put our brains together to come up with our top 5 Halloween craft ideas for kids. Enjoy!

1 ) Paper plate Pumpkins

Our first Halloween craft ideas for kids are some great paper plate pumpkins. Depending on the age of your children, the classic Halloween craft activity is to carve your own pumpkin. In recent years, pumpkin designs have become something of an art form as these pictures testifies!

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It is difficult however for young children to be fully involved in this process. A great alternative, however, is creating paper plate pumpkins! It’s simple, quick and easy to do and your little one can be fully in control of the creative process!

Paper plate pumpkins | Halloween craft ideas for kids | Blog | Stickerscape | UK

How to make your pumpkin plates

  1. Take your paper plate and paint it orange.
  2. Wait for it dry (whilst presumably cleaning the orange paint off their hands!)
  3. Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth from coloured card using kids scissors.
  4. Glue on the card to the paper and leave to dry.

You can then hang them up if you want or even try using them as face masks by cutting some eyes holes out and attaching some elastic on either side.

Credit: Clare’s Little Tots

2) Bats made from toilet paper rolls

Bat from toilet paper roll | Halloween craft ideas for kids | Blog | StickerscapeOur next Halloween craft ideas for kids is a little more intricate but the finished result looks great! You will need the following:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Black paint/ paintbrush
  • 2 Googly eyes (Available from craft shops or Amazon
  • Black paper
  • Glue/tape

The full instructions on creating this is available at Craftmorning.com. Do give a try as once complated they look great (please share your pics with us over on our Facebook page – we’d love to see what your little ones have made!).

Credit: Craft Morning

3) Cotton wool ghosts

Cotton wool ghosts | Halloween craft ideas for kids | Stickerscape | UKWe absolutely love it when you’re able to make crafts with your little ones without having to go out and buy anything new. These cotton wool ghosts are perfect as they simply use cotton wool – something parents with young children typically have an abundant supply of!

These cotton wool ghosts are also super easy to make:

– Start by cutting out your ghost shape from white card

– Using a glue stick, dot glue over the card and then push the cotton wool down on to the card

– Using either black card or felt, cut out the eyes and a mouth and glue them on to the cotton wool

– Wait for all the glue to set/dry

– You can then tie black yarn/string to the back of the card (using clear tape) and hang them up!

This is a really easy one for your little one to get involved in and looks great.

Credit: Real House Moms

4) Frankenstein hand print

Frankenstein hand print | Halloween craft ideas for kids | Stickerscape | UKOK, this one will be messy. But it looks soo cute! Hand painting was one of the first craft activities we did with our little one (including hand painting some mugs) and she absolutely loves getting her hands messy (causing mummy lots of stress).

Simply get your green paint on their palm to create the face. Then using some black paint, put their 4 fingers in and press above the green palm. Finally, add the features with a brush to the face to complete your hand painted Frankenstein! If you’re feeling confident feel free to let your little one add the finishing touches!

Credit: Pinkie for Pink

5) Ghost paper chains

Ghost pa[per chains | Halloween craft ideas for kids | Blog | Stickerscape | UKI fondly remember being in infant school making mountains of paper chains. This cute design is a great way of using paper chains for Halloween.

Simply purchase some black, orange and white card. For the ghosts, just cut out the ghost shapes, using a marker pen to mark on the mouth and eyes. Using a knife (adults only!), mark a short line at the top to feed in the paper chain.

For the paper chains, simply cut your card into strips. Then using glue or tape, loop the card strip and then fix once in place. For joining the ghosts, simply feed in your card strip into the pre-cut section, then fix as normal. Easy!

We hope you’ve enjoy all our Halloween craft ideas for kids. If you’ve had a go at any of these please feel free to share the finished results to our Facebook page – we’d love to see what you’ve got up to this half term!