Vroom vroom vroom we’re going to the moon, Vroom vroom vroom we’ll be there very soon, 5,4,3,2,1, whooooosh!

This year has been a really exciting one for astronomy and encouraging children to think about outer space. In December 2015 British astronaut Timothy Peake was launched into space to live and work in the International Space Station for 6 months. Tim Peake was and is a great role model to children. Tim took part in the Cosmic Classroom it was a great interactive video of Tim and a room full of students, it featured questions asked by children. It really is worth watching! My 2 eldest boys Jack and Oliver loved watching Tim and it really helped to spark lots of questions about space.

This year Oliver started school and it was great for him to take his love of space into school. Stickerscape sent us some great name labels both stickers and iron on.

We don’t actually own an iron (please don’t shoot) so we use my hair straighteners to apply the name labels onto clothing. I actually find it a lot easier as I am able to fit the label into the straighteners.


Wall stickers

When we moved into our house last year on our to do list was to decorate the boys playroom. We live in a rented house so it can be really hard to decorate in your own way when you have to follow landlord instructions. Luckily ours is a lovely guy who was very happy for us to decorate.

Stickerscape sent us these great Wall stickers for us to put on the walls!

As you can see from the video they were really easy to apply too.


They look great in the room and the boys love having them.

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