Our Inspired Room series aims to give you a little inspiration when thinking of decorating a nursery, kid’s bedroom or playroom. In this edition, we’ll be looking at one of our most popular selling themes – a Fairy Princess theme. Laid out below is a fairy princess themed room mood board which includes a selection of our fairy wall stickers. These fairy princess wall stickers designs will transform your little princess’ room and will allow her imagination (and yours of course) to run wild, step into the magical world of fairy tales and make believe.

Creating this fairy princess theme moodboard gave me the excuse to reminisce on my own childhood; the hours spent playing princesses in my room, transforming it to a land far, far away, with fairies, ponies, castles, and even the compulsory ‘baddie’! Our fairy princess wall stickers  create gorgeous children’s wall murals, and offer inspiration for your little girl to delve into her next fairytale adventure, just like my three or four year old self. Tinker Bell and Peter Pan springs to mind, however right now I am sure most girls will be basing their stories and games on Frozen, imagining themselves as Princess Elsa or Princess Anna (just for the for the record, I would be Princess Anna!).

One of the most popular designs from the fairy princess wall sticker
range is the quote “fairy dust and cuddles are magic, they can fix anything” which we think would fit really well in a fairy themed nursery or bedroom, and in our view, pretty much sums up what life should be like when you’re little 🙂 I also have a particular soft spot for the dainty butterfly stickers incorporated into the designs, they’re so cute and enhance the soft and pretty feel portrayed within the whole fairy wall sticker range (so maybe it’s not too surprising that lots of adults tell us they buy these ones for themselves!).

I hope this goes to show how easy it is use our fairy princess theme wall stickers to totally transform your child’s room, and gives you some inspiration for other ‘shopping list’ accessories to create a complete fairy princess themed bedroom. Stickerscape wall stickers are also all cleanly removable, so when your little girl is finally too old for a princess themed bedroom *sobs*, they can be easily removed with no messy residue left behind!

Additionally, one of our customers recently reviewed our Fairy Princess wall stickers and said “I was so delighted to receive these wall stickers from the UK as I had struggled to find ones I liked here in Dubai. They arrived beautifully packaged within a week of ordering and the instructions were really easy to follow…Due to the nature of being expats we move around a lot and with rented accommodation it’s usually not worth decorating to an extent in case you leave within a year so wall stickers are the best alternative and can quickly personalise a room with minimal effort. We’ll certainly use Stickerscape again.” The bedroom sleeps a precious princess, the theme works effortlessly whilst transforming it into its own exquisite magical princess experience. To add this is rented accommodation over in Dubai so a perfect way to theme a room without reaching for a paintbrush. The wall stickers are easily and cleanly removable from painted walls (Stickerscape’s wall stickers are designed to work most effectively on normal matt painted walls – if you have a different paint finish and would like advice on suitability of our wall stickers, please get in touch before purchase). Our wall stickers are made in the UK from the highest quality, ultra-thin removable vinyl. Each sticker can be easily applied to walls, doors, windows or any other smooth flat surface, with full application instructions included.

We hope we have given you a touch of enchanted fairy pink inspiration to design the dream princess room for all the family to enjoy. Keep a look out for our next blog fluttering its way to you soon.

Shopping list of Fairy Princess theme wall stickers

Fairy dust and cuddles wall stickers: Stickerscape from £15.00 (available here)
Fairy and butterfly wall stickers: Stickerscape from £5.00 (available here)
Fairy princess height chart: Stickerscape £22.50 (available here)
Fairy tree wall sticker: Stickerscape £40.00 (available here)