Nanoo Nanoo earth wall sticker fans !

Space week 4-10 October 2015. Its a busy week for us extraterrestrial wall sticker workers. We have a warm fuzzy glow as Rockets, Stars, Planets and even Aliens are taking over for the office for the week. Childrens bedrooms will soon be filled with Stickerscape Space wall sticker delights.

Our Space wall sticker collection is already popular, we have a new addition to light up your walls, ‘Space Star School’. Its pink, its cutesy, its what every star gazing girl needs in her bedroom right now. I have a pinterest board to share, a few items to inspire and help release your inner space barbie.

The ‘Charming live wire’ Ronnie Rocket (courtesy of WOW toys) is currently in outer space and could be with you if you enter our Space Competition launching on the 4th October 2015.

So sit back and relax, look up to the stars, imagine, believe (what is out there?) and get creative with our glorious Rockets, Moon, Stars, Spaceship and Satellites – every young child will relish in their nursery or bedroom.