I can barely believe it is Easter next weekend- honestly where have the last three months gone? It only seems like yesterday that we were enjoying Christmas with our love ones and now we are preparing ourselves for Easter!

To mark the occasion why not make some Easter baskets with your little ones. They are both fun to make and can be used for an Easter egg hunt.

You will need:
– Three pieces of A4 coloured card- 2 in one colour and 1 in another
– Sellotape
– PVA glue or Pritt Stick
-Fluffy Chicks
-Easter craft hay
-Chocolate eggs

The first few instructions are a little tricky and require the use of scissors so it may be best for an adult to do this/assist with this.

1. Tape two pieces of the same coloured card together to make an A3 piece of card.

2. Cut the paper in half lengthways to leave two long strips of card.

3. Mark 13.5cm lengthways from the end of the card with a pencil and draw a line across the card widthways. Repeat this at the other end of the card. This will leave a box shape in the middle. Then draw four equal lines lengthways from the line you just penciled and repeat this at the other end. Repeat this with the second piece of card.

4. Cut along the strips you have made to leave four tassel like pieces at each end of the card. Do this on both pieces of paper.

5. Take the second coloured piece of card and mark it lengthways to make seven long strips of card. These will all be approximately 3cm wide. Cut these out.

6. Glue the two box shapes on top of each other with one rotated 90 degrees to create one box shape with strips at each of the four corners.

7. Weave the second strip of card in and out of the strips of card attached to the box shape. You will need to use two strips to make each layer. To make alternate colours for the second layer start your weaving on the next side along. Repeat this again to make three layers of weaving. You will use six strips of the second coloured card here.

8. Fold over the edges of the vertical strips to make a fan shape.

9. Use the seventh piece of card to make a handle.

10. Put the Easter craft hay and the fluffy chicks in the Easter basket.

11. Last but not least, put the chocolate eggs in the Easter baskets!

I made the baskets with my Niece and Nephew and they both enjoyed making them so why not give it a go with your little ones :).

Don’t forgot to send in pictures of your finished baskets!