I am starting to become quite the interior designer with the selection of room design ideas I have put together :). From princesses to space ships, I have created themed room suggestions to suit the girliest of girls and the boyish of boys. On this occasion however I have created a more gender neutral design with a woodland themed room!

Our new woodland friends wall sticker range has given me the inspiration to do a bit of virtual shopping (any excuse some may say!) to demonstrate how you can create a wonderful woodland themed bedroom or playroom. I have chosen various pieces of woodland style furniture and soft furnishings to accompany our woodland wall stickers to create the look, and once the look is complete, the woodland adventures can begin!

The statement piece in our woodland friends wall sticker range is our woodland tree wall sticker, as at nearly 2 metres high it can completely transform a plain wall into a fun and playful scene, where imaginations can run wild. Depending on the wall space available, you could also create a woodland scene around the tree with our cute badger and mole wall sticker set or even our deer wall sticker set complete with toadstools and tufts of grass! The tree wall sticker is great if you did have limited lower level wall space as the tree could be placed behind a chest of drawers, or cot and then flourish higher up the wall above the furniture, where you may not have known what to with the space. The wall stickers are truly flexible and can work around the space you have available.

The woodland themed room is a really refreshing look and it is not only gender neutral but can also be used in a baby’s playroom and can follow them right up until they are four or five, or even longer! It is not a design that a child would ‘grow out of’ very quickly, which can give you a rest from redecorating (if ever there is such a thing!).

All of the products shown on the mood board are available for you to buy and I have created a shopping list with all details you need to create the look for yourself.

Be sure to send us pictures of your completed woodland themed room as we would love to know how you have used our wall stickers to create the completed woodland look :).

Shopping List

Treehouse shelving- £33.50 http://www.notrunofthemill.com/djeco-shelves-the-squirrels-harvests.ir?cName=baby-child-essentials-bedroomnursery&src=froogle&gclid=CO2t-eTt-MMCFU_MtAod5BQACA

Owl money box- £6.09 http://redonionz.co.uk/Ceramic-Polka-Dot-Owl-Money-Box¤cy=GBP&language=en?gclid=CLv7l8fl-MMCFWfJtAodbiUAUw

Toad stool night light- £20.00 http://www.hurnandhurn.com/h-h-red-toadstool-curved-top-table-lamp-childrens-night-light-retro-p901

Woodland Creatures Single bedding- £12.95 http://www.childrens-rooms.co.uk/woodland-creatures-single-bedding.html

Grass Green carpet- £30.00 http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/70203768/

Fairy door- £15 http://www.fairydoorz.co.uk/Inside-Fairy-Doors/ruby-red-fairy-door

Toad stall fairy lights- £10.95 http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/littlebabycompany/product/toadstool-light-string-fairy-lights

Woodland cushion- £28.00 http://netdeco.co.uk/products/woodland-cushion

Owl clock- £35.00 https://www.brilliantlybritish.com/owl-pendulum-clock.html

Woodland table and chairs- £30.00 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Krooom-Kids-Reinforced-Cardboard-Table-3-Stools-Eco-Friendly-Easy-Wipe-Surface-/291057185290?&_trksid=p2056016.m2518.l4276

Fox soft toy- £13.50 http://www.lauraashley.com/invt/3627677

Bunny Book ends- £18.99 http://www.mollieandfred.co.uk/homeware-c1/decorative-home-accessories-c8/sass-belle-bunny-bookends-p3745