Our space wall stickers are unsurprisingly very popular with little boys and I have therefore spent some time doing a bit of virtual shopping to demonstrate how our children’s wall stickers can be the perfect starting point in creating an amazing space themed bedroom! The room design I have created includes a variety of our space wall stickers, along with bedroom furniture, soft furnishings, toys and more. All of which are space themed of course :). Once this look is complete your child will be ready to be transported out of this world, to play games in a galaxy far, far away!

You will have a true astronaut in training once the rocket wall sticker has been put in position as it creates a perfect scene for adventures to begin and for aliens to come to life! The wall sticker itself comes in a variety of colours and can also be positioned in any direction. One of the best features of the large rocket wall sticker is that it includes three glow in the dark stars! This offers that extra wow factor and will certainly make your little one happy for ‘lights out’ as they will be able to do some stargazing before they drift off to sleep. The stars have also been specially designed to glow for a short amount of time so they will not disrupt any sleep.

We try to ensure that our stickers are designed with flexibility in mind, as the stickers within our space wall sticker packs can be applied individually, allowing you to create a scene perfect for the space available. Our cheeky alien family and spaceship and satellite wall sticker packs coordinate perfectly together and you could therefore mix and match these designs for the full impact! For example, the child and adult alien wall stickers and the moon wall sticker boarder look super cute together!

Space is a really popular bedroom theme, which means there are plenty of space themed bedroom accessories, making it easy to go all out and create the look without having to hunt high and low for matching items! However, for those of you with little spare time on their hands (pretty much every parent I imagine!), I have created a ‘shopping list’ for all of the items pictured, which includes prices and where you can purchase them from, so you can create the space themed bedroom for yourself without needing to look any further!

We would love to see how you have created a space themed room with our fun space wall stickers so please do send in some pictures or share them on our Facebook site :).

Spaceship themed room shopping list

Space rocket bedding- £9.95. http://www.childrens-rooms.co.uk/space-rocket-single-bedding.html

Large planets rug- £22.95. http://www.childrens-rooms.co.uk/planets-rug-large.html

Space boy curtains- £19.95. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00G6MPUM4?psc=1

Spaceship book ends- £15.00. http://www.itsawoodenworld.com/lanka-kade-wooden-space-bookends

Rocket boy bean bag- £49.99. http://www.rucomfybeanbags.co.uk/rocket-boy-bean-bag.html

Solar system mobile and room light- £34.99. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Uncle-Milton-Explore-Remote-Controlled/dp/B000AQJPQE

Rocket soft toy- £15.29. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Outer-Rocket-Shaped-Filled-Cushion/dp/B005SQMXKG

Space themed fairy lights- £26.00. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/160023398/blue-star-fairy-lights-rocket-ship-space?ref=market

Space toy box- £24.99. http://www.dunelm-mill.com/shop/kids-space-mission-collection-toybox-404879

Space mission bedside table- £24.99. http://www.dunelm-mill.com/shop/kids-space-mission-collection-bedside-table-404876