We love it here at Stickerscape when we have the chance to do some unusual things with our wall stickers. This week we thought we’d tell you about a fun job we recently had to help make-over a gorgeous swimming pool just outside Newbury in leafy Berkshire using swimming pool wall stickers. Once part of a hotel leisure complex, the pool is now run by the totally fabulous Water Babies team, who hold baby and toddler swimming classes there. Having been a client of Water Babies myself for a couple of years now (Emma started swimming lessons when she was just a couple of months old, aaaw!), we were really excited to work with them, helping to create a fun and inviting place for little ones to go for their first swimming lessons.

The Water Babies Oxford team, led by the lovely Saz, commissioned several massive (and we do mean massive – the largest was about 1 x 2 metres!) photographic wall stickers to go up poolside. We hope you’ll agree they’ve given a real ‘wow’ impact to the area, and the reaction has been so positive that we’ve actually started selling photographic stickers to Water Babies customers when they have their underwater photo shoots (please get in touch if you’d like more details!). They’ve also decorated the area poolside with several swimmin pool wall stickers of the Water Babies characters to add lots of familiarity for the children and enhance their learning.

In addition, we worked on creating some mural-style wall stickers for both the girls and boys changing rooms. They’re up nice and high above the coat hooks, so that even when the changing rooms are in use, mums, dads and their little water babies will be able to see all the artwork and enjoy playing some ‘spot the shark’ or ‘spot the mermaid’ games! We were really thrilled with the final result – and hope you love it too 🙂 (Feel free to the click each image to see a larger picture).

Do you know of anywhere that would benefit from swimming pool wall stickers  makeover? We’d love to hear from you – do get in touch

Find a Water Babies class, and like Water Babies Oxfordshire here: