I am totally list-obsessed. There, I said it – it’s a bit sad but I just can’t help it. I am always writing to-do lists, and I find it worryingly satisfying crossing things off that I’ve done. It’s got so bad that if I’m feeling stressed by how much there is to do, I sometimes even add things I’ve already done to my to-do list, just so I can make myself feel better by crossing them off straight away (am I the only one who does this…?!).

My work to-do list is always massive, and has a whole range of unspoken subheadings – things I enjoy so I’ll do them straight away; things that are easy so I’ll do them straight away; things that are a bit scary so I have to be feeling in the right kind of ‘brave’ mood to do; things I can only do when I can guarantee there won’t be loud toddler in the background (rare); things I know I should do (but won’t unless I’ve already crossed everything else off and am desperate, i.e. they’ll never happen). Never far from the top of my to-do list though is the fun of working on the next range of designs. Sometimes I do this by myself, sometimes teaming with a graphic designer – either way, when I get into it, it’s like a good book – I lose all sense of time, and can work happily into the small hours playing around with new ideas.

As we are so new as a business, there’s still a great long list of all the classic kiddie favourites I want to make into wall sticker themes – dinosaurs, pirates, mermaids, etc etc.  It often takes someone putting in a bespoke request for something that doesn’t already exist on our website to bump that theme up the to-do list and onto the drawing board, and recently, I had the pleasure of doing this for a lovely lady and her girls who gave me the brief of ‘fairytale’. Mum liked the more subtle, classic look of our silhouette garden range (think the lamp post, birdcages etc), and the girls were keen on fairies, rainbows and butterflies (they had me at fairies – I couldn’t wait!). I almost worried myself at how blissfully I slipped into this fantasy world of all things super girly, pretty and pink 🙂 Anyway, it will all be up on the website fairly soon, but here’s a sneak preview for those who are interested… (and please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in getting anything before it appears in the shop).

Jo xx