I absolutely completely love my job. Coming from a very corporate environment, never ever before have I had this kind of job satisfaction – it totally makes my day every time we get feedback from parents who say their children are thrilled with their new-look rooms.

At the end of last week we were lucky enough to help local mum and my good friend, Pip, apply a whole room of customised jungle stickers to her son Leo’s bedroom. Having recently had a gorgeous baby girl, she and her husband were keen to do something special for Leo, and we were very happy to help out!  Leo already had a wonderful room with lots of jungle themed accessories – and our favourite – nice empty walls to decorate! We are going to launch our jungle stickers on the website very soon, and we slightly customised them to make them fit into Leo’s space and round his furniture perfectly. For us, this flexibility is one of the real benefits of being a small business, making all stickers ourselves to order. We love making stickers exactly how you want them – so please do get in touch if you have any special requests. This can range from a whole different theme for a room to customising the size, colours or orientation of our existing sticker designs. In Leo’s room we altered some of the animals so that they looked like they were peeping out and waving from behind his sofa – cute!

It makes a lovely change for us to actually apply the stickers ourselves (normally we’d just send them off to customers, we do try to make them easy for anyone to apply with full instructions etc), but this gave us a chance to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ impact in the room, which was so much fun. The evening after we’d put them up, we got an email from Pip saying Leo loved his stickers and we’d “made a little guy very happy” (apparently he said ‘woooow’ when he saw them) – I couldn’t ask for more than that 🙂

Happy new room lovely Leo and many thanks to Pip and her family for letting us share these photos – hope you enjoy them! x