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Once upon a time two colleagues, Mike and Jo, were doing very sensible jobs which mainly involved a lot of numbers and spreadsheets. Over time (and chocolate, and pub quizzes, and takeaway pizzas) they became good friends and one day were chatting about how great it would be to have your own business… "imagine being your own boss and building something you could be truly excited about" (Mike) and "we could wear our slippers to work!" (Jo).

So Mike and Jo started chatting about what kind of business they would have and whether they would ever really be brave enough to leave their very sensible jobs and go for it. This continued for about two years (it turns out Mike and Jo aren’t very brave after all, and anyway, they‘d not come up with any brilliant business ideas despite a mounting takeaway pizza bill).

As time passed, in their personal lives Jo got married, and Mike found a lovely girl to live with. Then Jo did something which made leaving the very sensible job a lot easier, and got pregnant! Nine months later, a gorgeous baby girl, Emma, arrived and made Jo & her husband’s world perfect (albeit a little more sleep deprived!). And Emma’s arrival had also finally given Jo and Mike the business idea they had been searching for - exciting wall stickers to transform childrens’ rooms into fun and creative places to play... and Stickerscape was born!

Some scary conversations and more takeaway pizza later, Mike and Jo waved goodbye to the very sensible jobs, and said hello to some very exciting (and really rather massive!) sticker-making equipment. Making all the products in the UK from high quality materials, Stickerscape is passionate about providing mums, dads and their little ones with gorgeous wall stickers and super-duper customer service.