A farm theme wall sticker makeover for childrens’ soft play centre, Active Tots!

Emma and I have been big fans of our fab local soft play centre Active Tots since we discovered it around a year ago, so we were super excited to have the chance to give one of their walls a makeover, Stickerscape style!

Active Tots is set in a gorgeous barn, which backs onto fields with horses in, so it was easy to agree on a countryside type theme. The wall stickers themselves are based on our farm theme stickers, but we’ve made some special changes here to all the colours – making them brighter and more in keeping with all the soft play equipment that the children love.

Mike has performed some kind of technical wizardry in coming up with this video, so you can see how we used our wall stickers to transform a previously plain wall into…well… a Stickerscape! (please do excuse some of the very weird positions I seem to be in during some of the shots!).

If you’re local to Active Tots, I’d really recommend a visit – it’s a wonderful, friendly soft play centre which is absolutely perfect for young children. It’s got a lovely cafe, serving fresh and healthy meals for adults and little ones, as well as the most amazing millionaire’s shortbread, which is almost a good enough reason for a visit in itself!!

Do you know anywhere that would benefit from a Stickerscape makeover? If you do, get in touch at hello@stickerscape.co.uk – we’d love to chat!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, whatever you’re up to 🙂

Jo xx


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